Beth Gwinn, Getty Images

The wait is over! After a five-year hiatus from recording, Julie Roberts is set to release her new project, 'Alive,' which will feature the song, 'NASCAR Party.' The blond beauty posted the tune's accompanying video on her Facebook page yesterday (May 23). (Watch it below.)

"The countdown is on NOW!" Julie triumphantly exclaims on her website. "I will have the first physical copies of my CD for sale at the NASCAR All-Star Race in Charlotte, N.C. on May 21 ... then it should be for sale on iTunes by June 7, but hopefully sooner than that if possible!!"

The South Carolina native took to her blog last month to explain her noticeable absence from county radio. In addition to falling victim to the horrific floods that ravaged middle Tennessee, the singer disclosed she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during the recording process for her sophomore album, 'Men and Mascara.'

"Thank you all for being patient with me as I wrote and recorded this album," Julie writes. "You have stuck by me through so much and I am blessed to have you in my life. See you on the road soon!"

Fans can visit Julie's newly-designed website to find out where the singer will be performing in the coming months.