Julie Roberts made an appearance on CNN's 'Human Factor' to help raise awareness for multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in 2005.

On the May 28 segment of the show, which highlights "survivors who have overcome the odds," Roberts spoke out about her struggle with the illness.

"For years, I was in denial that I had MS. I thought if I didn't focus on my MS, then maybe it would just go away," she says. "It took the Nashville flood in May 2010 for me to 'wake up' and decide it was time to take responsibility for what is, and what will be, my life with MS. My mom, my sister and I lost our home and almost everything we owned in the flood. When we were rescued by boat, we were given another chance at life. I realized then that things can be replaced, but life and good health are invaluable."

The stress of that time caused her symptoms to relapse and forced Roberts to stop ignoring the truth of her condition.

"I can't say life is a piece of cake. Occasionally I still get asked whether my MS will interfere with my professional or personal life, but I respond every day by doing what I love," she says. "This doesn't mean I live my life in a haphazard way without a plan. I have developed a strong network of support, starting with my family ... I have learned that I do not have to give up on my dreams."

Roberts' clip began airing on May 28, the fifth annual World MS Day, which hopes to spread the word about a condition that over 2.3 million people are living with.

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