Josh Turner has made a name for himself in Nashville, but the South Carolina native prefers staying closer to home.

"I love Tennessee, but they don't have the pine trees and the sandy soil and the black water that I grew up around," the singer confesses to ABC News Radio. Instead, Josh and his wife, Jennifer, choose to raise their three little boys in a small town in South Carolina, near where he grew up.

"When they get outside, they're just completely different people," he says of sons Hampton, Colby and Marion. "They just love being outside, so it's great there with them. I get to spend a lot of time with them."

The boys, who range in age from 1 to 5, keep the happy couple on their toes. "They're lively and energetic," their dad acknowledges. "We don't get a lot of rest when they're awake."

The deep-voiced singer does spend time in and around Music City. He recently built a songwriting retreat in Tennessee, where he can spend time away to focus on his craft. "It's a beautiful place, and I can't wait to get in there and start writing some songs," Josh told The Boot. "That's basically going to be the main purpose for it is for me to get in there and write and get inspired and be creative. I think I'll be able to do that for a long time."

'Time Is Love,' the singer's first single from his upcoming album, 'Punching Bag' is steadily climbing the charts. Expect the new set of tunes to hit shelves later this year. He will also play several shows in the next few months, including stops in Missouri, Florida and Mississippi. Keep track of his schedule here.

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