Josh TurnerJosh Turner has his eyes set on what, to him, is the quintessential prize in a country music career: induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. And though he's still several years away from even being eligible for that particular achievement, he's been cataloging and documenting every step of his career, right down to every ticket stub he's ever sold at a show.

"That's my ultimate goal in this business is to be a member of that institution. I have 13 years until I'm eligible," he tells Dial-Global, laughing, "so I'm going to be working hard between now and then. I love the Country Music Hall of Fame. I don't think it's just a hall of fame and it's not just a museum. It's a schoolhouse. It's a place where people from all across the world can come and learn about this great genre that we're making a living out of."

Josh will soon have more ticket stubs to document for his collection when he joins Alan Jackson's Freight Train tour, which kicks off April 8 in Florida.