Josh Turner got a double dose of good news at the end of 2010: his third son, Crawford Marion Turner, was born December 13, and his song 'Why Don't We Just Dance' was named the No. 1 country song of 2010 by Country Aircheck!

When Josh recently visited CMT Country Countdown USA, he told host Lon Helton that they're calling the new baby Marion. After jokingly explaining that the baby is "calm" but his other two young sons aren't so much, the singer explained why he and wife Jennifer elected to call their youngest by his middle name.

"Marion came from one of my heroes, the Revolutionary War general Francis Marion," Josh explained. "They called him the Swamp Fox, out of South Carolina. Our sense of this child was that he was going to be a warrior and a fighter and somebody that was able to overcome challenges. He looks like he's got that look in his eye. [laughs]"

When asked how it felt having the No. 1 song of the entire year, Josh was humble.

"Man, I tell you what, I'm still having to allow this to sink in with me," he admitted. "It's really hard to believe what this song has gone and done. This song was the first song that I chose in the making of this record ['Haywire'], and I knew it was different from anything I had ever done. It has a very uplifting message in a time where our country is struggling economically, with the housing market and a lot of political changes and a lot of things that have allowed people to tighten their purse strings. A lot of people have had to make sacrifices this year, and so for them to listen to this song and say, 'You know what? I'm just going to forget about all that bad news, I'm going to forget about all the things that we've had to change in our life, and we're just going to dance. I'm going to cling to the one I love.'"

Josh has been thrilled with the response that he received right out of the gate on 'Why Don't We Just Dance.' "Every time I play it live on stage, even before it had hit the charts good, people were up out of their chairs, they were dancing, they were taking pictures," he recalls. "It really energized people. I can see why people just couldn't get enough of it."

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