The Josh Abbott Band is back and better than ever. The Texas group is hitting the airwaves with their latest single, 'Hangin' Around,' which each of the six members says they fell in love with the first moment they heard it.

"That was one of those we all just went, 'That's it,'" banjo player Austin Davis recalls to Country Weekly.

“Coming into this album, I definitely wanted to focus on fun,” lead singer Josh Abbott explains. “The single, ‘Hangin’ Around,’ was written with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, who are just phenomenal. It’s just such a fun song. I'm over at my house, kind of bored. You're over at your house, kind of bored. If you wanna hang out, I'm OK with that."

The group relied on veteran producer Keith Stegall to record the new tune.

"Recording the new single was awesome," guitar player Caleb Keeter adds. "It was really great to get to work with Keith Stegall. He's a legend. He's produced most of the stuff that I grew up listening to."

The entire group was so thrilled with the song that recording 'Hangin' Around' for their new project was easy.

"We never even really rehearsed it," Davis notes. "It was one of those things, it just got up and played itself."

The new song is their first since their 2013 single, 'She Will Be Free.' After that song was released, Abbott admitted that things weren't going as well off the road as he had once portrayed. The singer revealed he had an ongoing struggle with alcohol and infidelity in a series of posts on Twitter.

"Somewhere along the last several years I have lost myself as an accountable human being," he wrote in February. "The temptations that we as artists and celebrities face are unreal to many of you. But regardless, I have to own up to my mistakes as a man. I’m 22 days sober and hope that I can continue to control my addictions."

Download 'Hangin' Around' here.