Jordan Rager's debut EP, Southern Boy, is out now. The up-and-coming artist released the project on Friday (Oct. 28) via Broken Bow Records.

Rager's Southern Boy EP contains four songs, including the singer's current single, "Now That I Know Your Name," and his debut single, the project's title track, which features Jason Aldean. The country superstar is more than a one-time collaborator, though: The two have built up a friendship in the couple of years they’ve known each other.

“[His advice to me] was, ‘Be yourself, and find out who that is,’” Rager tells The Boot. “Country music’s already got an Alan Jackson. Country music’s already got a Jason Aldean. Country music’s already got an insert-name-here. It’s okay to have role models, and it’s okay to take little things that you see that you like and make that a part of your thing, but you’ve got to find who you are.”

Rager co-wrote two of the songs on his Southern Boy EP -- "Underage" and "Whatever" -- which was produced by Jeremy Stover; a full track listing can be seen below. In addition to releasing the new disc, Rager is keeping busy by preparing to be part of Kane Brown‘s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Tour, which kicks off in early November and rolls through January.

“I couldn’t be more excited to go on tour with Kane Brown starting this fall,” Rager says. “I’m looking forward to playing some new places and revisiting some I haven’t been to in a while. Plus it’s always good to be on the road with another Georgia boy!”

Jordan Rager, Southern Boy EP Track Listing:

1. “Southern Boy” (Luke Laird, Barry Dean, Jeremy Stover)
2. “Now That I Know Your Name” (Jeremy Stover, Jason Gantt, Chris Janson)
3. “Underage” (Jordan Rager, Thomas Archer, Cole Taylor)
4. “Whatever” (Jordan Rager, Thomas Archer)