Jon Pardi has released a sweet video, filled with some old-school country charm, for his song "Head Over Boots."

Pardi's "Head Over Boots" clip opens with an older man selecting a song on a jukebox in an old, empty bar -- the soundtrack for a dance with his love. Viewers are then transported back in time, to that same bar, where the couple meets for the first time.

Throughout the music video, viewers watch the two fall in love throughout the decades and Pardi and his band perform in the bar, decked out in the fashions of yesteryear -- cowhide print, fringe jackets, mustaches and all. Press play on the video above to see the sweet clip.

"Head Over Boots" is one of the 12 tracks off of Pardi's upcoming release, California Sunrise, which is due out on June 17. Each song was recorded with a full band — an important piece of the concept to Pardi, who is a “big fan” of live recordings.

“The heart of this record comes across with a live band,” the singer explains. “We used seven guys — one band — and there’s something special about that.”

Previously, Pardi told The Boot that this new record would be “awesome, groovy country, and it’s going to kick everybody in the a--.”

“Head Over Boots” is available for download on iTunes.

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