On June 17, Jon Pardi will release his sophomore album, California Sunrise. The country singer announced the details of the new project on Wednesday (March 23).

“I always want to have the traditional country soul while meeting the new standards of country music,” Pardi says in a press release. "As with traditional country music, much of the appeal comes from a compelling narrative. As a songwriter, we’re looking for a good story, and we’re always looking to push the limits. I love having those lyrics that at first make you think it’s about one thing, but it’s really about something so much more.”

California Sunrise features 12 tracks, including Pardi's current single, "Head Over Boots." Each song was recorded with a full band -- an important piece of the concept to Pardi, who is a "big fan" of live recordings.

“The heart of this record comes across with a live band," the singer explains. "We used seven guys -- one band -- and there’s something special about that.”

Previously, Pardi told The Boot that this new record would be "awesome, groovy country, and it’s going to kick everybody in the a–."

Head Over Boots,” is now available for download on iTunes, and the record California Sunrise is available for pre-order as well. For more information on Pardi's upcoming shows, pre-order information and more, visit his website at JonPardi.com.

Jon Pardi, California Sunrise Track Listing:

1. "Out of Style"
2. "Cowboy Hat"
3. "Head Over Boots"
4. "Night Shift"
5. "Can’t Turn You Down"
6. "Dirt on My Boots"
7. "She Ain’t In It"
8. "All Time High"
9. "Heartache on the Dance Floor"
10. "Paycheck"
11. "Lucky Tonight"
12. "California Sunrise"

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