Jon Pardi has a new single on his hands, called "Head Over Boots."

"Head Over Boots" features a new but welcome sound from Pardi. In the song, the artist sings about a girl that he, as the title plainly states, is "head over boots" for. He lays out his love for the girl through lyrics like, “'Cause you’re the one I want / You’re the one I need / If I was a king, you would be my queen / You’re the rock in my roll, you’re good for my soul / It’s true / I’m head over boots for you.”

The song has a certain swinging rhythm to it that continues into the second verse, during which Pardi sings, “The way you sparkle like a diamond ring / Maybe one day we can make it a thing / Test time and grow old together / Rockin’ our chairs and talkin’ about the weather / So bring it on for an angel kiss / Put that feel good on my lips.” 

Pardi will begin headlining his All Time High Tour in October. The trek is scheduled to run through January of 2016, with Brothers Osborne serving as the opening act.

“Out of all the tours I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, this one is especially exciting because we’ve been building towards this moment for a while,” Pardi says. “I have been buddies with TJ and John [Osborne] since moving to Nashville, and we have talked about touring together for years. It’s finally here and going to be a blast."

All Time High Tour dates can be found on Pardi’s website.

Listen to Jon Pardi, "Head Over Boots":

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