Jo Dee Messina is organizing a benefit concert to help victims of the devastating tornadoes that recently struck the Midwest.

The multi-platinum singer/songwriter, who announced that she would be touring and campaigning to raise $2.3 million for the Holy Trinity Montessori school in Nashville, Tenn., back in April, has now revealed that the funds raised at her June 25 show in Pittsburg, Kansas, will go towards victims of the tornadoes that struck that region last week.

Jo Dee explained that, upon learning that concert promoter Al Zar lost his home in Joplin, Mo., she and Holy Trinity Montessori head Kate Riley decided to offer the funds raised from the June 25 date to the Red Cross, in solidarity.

"After the tornadoes, I reached out to Al, knowing they hit close to where we were having the concert," the singer explains. "He lost everything. When I told Kate about this, she was saddened and suggested that if the shows do happen that they should give the money to him. When my management offered this to Al, he said, 'Instead of me, why don't we offer the proceeds to all the people in Joplin, by donating proceeds to the Joplin Red Cross?' And so we are!"

Jo Dee has been involved with a variety of similarly deserving causes in the past, including the Special Olympics, for which she has served as an ambassador since 2004.

"I feel it's important to be there for each other," she says. "At times I spread myself a bit too thin trying to help everyone. But, God has blessed me with the passion and compassion to want to make a difference. When I meet my maker face to face, He won't care how many records I've sold. He'll want to know what I did with my life that mattered. To me, helping really matters."