Jo Dee Messina needs your help to raise $2.3 million for her 'A Million Doors' campaign. Proceeds from the operation will benefit the Nashville-based non-profit Holy Trinity Montessori school. The educational institution helps young children develop a love for learning, teaching them everything from math to people skills to religion.

Jo Dee has recorded a new tune, 'Carry Me,' which is available for a minimum donation of $1 through July 15 here. Songwriter Jared Anderson has waived his publishing royalties and Jo Dee's record label has allowed her to release the song independently, making it possible for all proceeds from the song to directly benefit the cause.

"This isn't about just a cause I believe in or the latest celebrity charity," the singer says. "I want this campaign to show that even in a time when people feel there is little hope, that there is hope and dreams still do come true. I chose [the song] because we need people from all over to carry us with their support to make this dream come true."

The funds will be used to build a 6000 square-foot facility for students ranging from infants to nine year olds. The school was founded in 2009 and currently services 25 students, with 45 more on a waiting list. The new building will be able to accommodate 125 children.

"If you contribute one dollar, you can help make a dream come true," says Jo Dee. "I tour around the country and spend a great deal of time listening to people's stories. Lately it seems that with all the sadness in the news -- wars, politics, economy, etc. -- people need a little restoration of hope."

Additionally, the Boston-native will also hit the road for a TBA series of concert benefiting the school.