Jewel, Radney FosterBeing the opening act on a tour can sometimes prove a tough gig. And when you're a headliner with the status of an artist such as Jewel, who's drawing longtime fans of your pop/rock material in addition to a newer crowd enticed by your recent country hits, the task of finding someone to fill that opening slot can be even tougher. Add to that the mounting of a solo, acoustic tour and the field narrows even more.

"It's actually hard to find people that are willing to go out [on tour] solo acoustic," Jewel tells The Boot. "I think being alone on stage is the most difficult thing. You don't have anything to hide behind, so you really have to have your chops down. Your singing has to be right on and your songs have to be able to stand up alone, without anything embellishing them. You have to be able to entertain an audience by yourself."

That's when being a singer-songwriter of the caliber of one Radney Foster comes in handy, making the job easier on everyone and promising audiences a unique concert-going experience. To that end, Radney joins Jewel for the 14-city Star Light Café tour beginning June 11 in Atlanta. The trek is scheduled to wrap up June 27 in Seattle.

"I was really excited that Radney even considered it," says Jewel. "He's a great troubadour, he's very experienced and just a great songwriter."

Radney returns the compliment, saying, "Jewel is as engaging and natural vocalist as I have ever heard, and her songwriting is always piercingly to the point."

Radney's latest album, 'Revival' was released last September. Jewel's new album, 'Sweet and Wild' will be released Tuesday, June 8. Don't miss our exclusive video interview with Jewel premiering on The Boot on Tuesday, June 8!