No wonder Jessica Simpson made a commitment to country music! She had two of country's biggest superstars give her encouragement on her way up.

When Simpson was first mulling over the switch from pop to country back in 2005, she talked to her 'Dukes of Hazzard' co-star Willie Nelson about making the move. Her gave her a wholehearted thumbs up. Then recently, while working on her country debut, Dolly Parton gave Simpson her invaluable support.

"We were out here in Nashville writing and we set up this meeting with Dolly," Simpson told 'GAC Nights: Live From Nashville' radio show. "I went to her adobe, which is so cool. You walk in and she has a chapel and a beauty salon and ballet bars. I just loved being there in her presence. She listened to the album, and she was encouraging. She goes, 'I have to be a part of this record.' And so she gave me a handful of songs and she said, 'I got better ones!' And then days later, she sent me 12 more songs, and I chose the very first song -- it's called, 'Do You Know.' She wrote it, and it's such a great song, and I'm so blessed to be able to sing with her on it and have her be so much a part of my career."

Parton will be adding her vocals to the track, which will appear on Simpson's first, yet-to-be-titled country album. The CD has already gotten an amazing start with its first single, 'Come on Over,' which set a record as the highest debut for a first time country solo artist.