Jessica Simpson ended her run on Rascal Flatts' Bob That Head Tour over the weekend with a bang. Or make that, a crash.

The pop turned country starlet, rocking short Daisy Dukes and a plaid shirt, had to start two songs over after flubbing lines during Saturday's show in Irvine, Calif., the last stop on the tour. First, she didn't quite remember the opening verse of 'Remember That,' the second single from her debut country album.

"Oops! I said whiskey too early! I messed up!" she told the audience, according to US magazine. "I'm so embarrassed! But I'm starting over again because I really want you guys to hear the lyrics the right way."

She also butchered the opening lines of 'Still Don't Stop Me,' but kept a playful attitude about it, poking fun at herself.

"I messed up again. I do this all the time!" she said with a laugh, before starting the song over.

The crowd was arguably forgiving. Though some reports claim Simpson was booed at the Irvine show, US magazine writes that the audience had nothing but applause for the songbird, who responded to one round of cheering with, "I just felt like I was on 'American Idol'!"

"I'm just so excited to be doing this," a beaming Simpson announced to fans, ecstatic about her move to country music. "I feel like I've been given a second chance."

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