Jessica Simpson was a little off her game Thursday, opening for Rascal Flatts in Grand Rapids, Mich. According to several fans in the audience, her 38-minute set was plagued with moments of forgetfulness, apologies and tears.

"My voice is weak," she told the audience, according to the Michigan news site "I feel so vulnerable on stage."

Simpson's very first country hit, 'Come on Over,' appeared to be the toughest song of the night for the songbird, as she asked her band to start it over and was seen mouthing the word "sorry" into the video screens. During another song, she paused and let her backup singers take over lead vocals while she took a drink of water. She even admitted to the crowd that she wished she could "walk off stage." But she didn't, and instead praised her band: "They had my back the whole time," she said.

Simpson opened her set with 'These Boots are Made for Walking' and continued on to gush about boyfriend Tony Romo, who was noticeably absent, when introducing a song she wrote for him, 'You're My Sunday.' The evening continued to be strained for Simpson, as she often tugged at her ear monitors and lost her place in several songs. She wrapped up her set with the title track to her country album, 'Do You Know,' and appeared to be crying as she left the stage.

Still, fans gave Simpson a hearty round of applause and offered sympathy.

"The media is against her," concertgoer Josh Cronin told after the show. "Tony's cheating ... She's gained weight. I would have taken the night off."

Simpson is no stranger to media scrutiny, most recently for photos that show a noticeably curvier figure. But fans and fellow artists alike continue to shower her with support.

"Watching Jessica perform on tour with us has been just great," says Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox. "She's absolutely great."

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