Jessica Harp, who formerly partnered with Michelle Branch in the Wreckers, then pursued a career as a solo artist, has made the stunning announcement to fans that she's decided to stop pursuing her recording career, and will instead focus full-time on songwriting.

"My sweet friends," Jessica writes on her website. "If someone had told me a couple years ago that I'd be sitting here writing you this letter, I would've laughed. But as I've been through so much personally and professionally [these] last couple of years, and the older I get, I realize more and more how quickly time flies. How short life really is. And most of all, that change is okay, and sometimes the best."

Jessica goes on to confess that after "a good long cry, being the sap I am, knowing how wonderful you are, and that I would be having to share with you something so unexpected," she hoped fans would understand and support the decision she made out of personal necessity that was based on, "what if?"

"It's a decision that was long thought about, long discussed with those closest to me, long soul searched and prayed about," she writes. "It wasn't easy ... until it came to feel right in one's search for fulfillment and happiness. Until I realized a change of heart. It's with the certainty of choice, but the heavy heart of a woman who will mourn the closing of a very long chapter in her life that I tell you ... I have decided at this point to stop pursuing my career as a recording artist and focus on songwriting full time."

Jessica goes on to spill from heart to head to hand, the love and appreciation she feels for those who have loved and supported her career as a singer.

"The people in this community are the reason that I've loved doing my job. The people who have ecouraged me continually through battles as well as achievements. The people at my shows, singing every word at the top of your lungs. YOU are why this career has been fulfilling to me. So for that, I can only tell you again -- THANK YOU. I've appreciated you more than you'll ever know, and have come to care so much for you. And the only regret I have in this decision is letting you down. Because you've never let me down."

"I love music so much," she continues, "and I can't imagine it not being a part of my life. And moving forward as a songwriter, I will hopefully be able to share my music through the voices of artists who DO have their hearts in what they're doing. Of course, I'll miss being the one on stage seeing those smiling faces, and always will. But I have memories to last a lifetime, and I'm at a point where I feel anything's possible. I don't think I've stepped on my last stage. But I know the stage is better left for others at this time."

Jessica closes by reassuring fans they can keep in touch with her, via a special e-mail she created for them -- -- and promises to respond.

"It's a new chapter for me. It's not the end of the book. And it feels so nice to feel inspiration again ... I've got a few irons in the fire now, kitty cats. You are all beautiful souls, and I love you. Thanks for being such a special part of my life. We'll talk again. Love, Jessica"

Jessica leaves her fans with "a parting gift," revealing that her album, 'A Woman Needs' will be available for digital download on March 16.

Jessica Harp on AOL Music