Following the release of "High Class White Trash," the newest song from her forthcoming album, Jenny Tolman has shared a carefree, road trip-friendly take on the track in a new video. Press play above to watch the clip, premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

This new video follows Tolman and her rag-tag band as they roll across the country in their van, delivering an improvised version of "High Class White Trash" with acoustic guitars and a percussion beat banging out on the bottoms of trash cans. The clip puts a new spin on the song's message of living life "with champagne taste on a Natty Light budget" -- and all the fun it can bring.

"I wrote 'High Class White Trash" with Dave Brainard, [who produced my upcoming album], on my 20th birthday. We started with a very simple goal: Write a beer-selling song that the booking agents could get behind," Tolman explains of the song. "Lucky for us, it ended up being so much more than that."

Tolman goes on to say that the song has allowed her to introduce one aspect of her personality to fans, while simultaneously giving her a chance to step into a character role and tell a great story. "I like to think of "High Class White Trash" as the song that laid the first train tracks to 'Jennyville'," she explains, "because it allows me to step into a character and play her role (even though I may very well actually be her ...). I joke about me fitting right in because of the size of my hoop earrings, and the gaudy rhinestones all over my clothes."

"High Class White Trash" comes off of There Goes the Neighborhood, a project set for release on July 19. Fans can visit for more details.

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