Members: Susie Brown, Danelle Leverett

Hometown: Alpine, Utah (Susie) and Amarillo, Texas (Danelle)

Sound Like: Katy Perry meets Miranda Lambert

Current Single: 'Wildflower'

[Watch the 'Wildflower' video below.]

Why We Dig Them: The JaneDear Girls' producer, John Rich, said it best: "They are the girls next door that kick country ass." Their debut single, 'Wildflower,' showcases the dynamic duo's spot-on harmonies and impressive instrumental skills. Its video -- thanks to fan votes -- pushed the country cuties into the No. 1 spot on GAC's Top 20 Countdown.

Danelle and Susie met at a songwriters' concert in Nashville after being introduced to each other by another songwriter. The pair quickly began writing songs together and the minute they finished their first collaboration, they knew they were a duo.

"We've always told John [Rich], 'We want to rock,'" says Susie.

"We like our guitars loud, our fiddles ripping and a steady beat that makes people want to dance!" Danelle adds.

With every new duo, the challenge is to come up with a name that people will remember. "We wanted something that was feminine, All-American and country," explains Danelle.

"It took us a while to find a name that really described who we are and what we want to say to our country audience, and the JaneDear Girls does just that," declares Susie.