Go Fest, the annual day-long country music festival held by KKGO/Los Angeles radio station in Irvine, Ca., was unexpectedly rescheduled from its original date, October 9, when its headlining act, Rascal Flatts, had to cancel several shows due to illness. Now with the new date, October 17, only days away, there has been a last-minute shift in artist appearances.

While the Flatts guys will still headline the show, their Nothing Like This tourmates, Kellie Pickler and Chris Young, have been removed from the bill due to scheduling conflicts. Sara Evans will take Kellie's place, while the JaneDear Girls, previously slated to appear on the second stage, will move up to the main stage.

Other artists scheduled to appear at Go Fest include Stealing Angels, Peter Brandon and Amie Mangola. Tickets for the concert are available here.

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