Jana Kramer has released the video for her latest single, "I Got the Boy." The song, from an upcoming, still-untitled new album, was written by Jamie Lynn Spears, along with veteran tunesmiths Tim Nichols and Connie Harrington.

The song, with lines like, "I got the first kiss, and she'll get the last / She's got the future, I got the past / I got the class ring, she got the diamond and wedding band / I got the boy, she got the man," reminded Kramer of her high school boyfriend, whom she dated for three years, before breaking up after graduation so that she could move to Los Angeles.

"It was young love," Kramer tells Rolling Stone Country. "I didn't want to tell 100-percent my own story because I wanted the listeners to interpret their own version. Every story is different. I even gave the video to my mom to watch, and she said, 'Wow, it brings me back to my days with Steve.' Everyone has that name [in their past]."

Spears wrote the tune with Nichols and Harrington while she was becoming familiar with the Nashville music scene and writing songs for her The Journey EP, which was released last year.

“Connie was someone I had written with several times, and it’s always nice writing with other females — especially when you’re going through transitional kind of stuff,” Spears tells Taste of Country. “Tim came in on one of the co-writes, and we were talking about how I was personally going through this time where the person I had been with, we were not together, but he was with another girl who was bringing out the kind of man that you want to see in the person you’re with.

"And it was bittersweet for me, because I was like, ‘You know, that’s what I always wanted from him, but I’m almost at peace with knowing that he’s gonna be okay,'" Spears adds. "She’s bringing out the good in him, and that made me feel good.”

Spears admits that she considered keeping the song for herself, but she is thrilled that it ended up in good hands.

“I’m just so happy that another girl in country music is doing that, because it’s just such a cool message to send that we’re all supporting each other,” she notes. “We all just want the ladies to have a comeback in country music. I hope that it just does above and beyond for Jana, because that opens the doors for us in country music.

"I think that it could be a really cool pathway to open that door for the rest of us to get back in there," Spears continues. "It’s a cool experience to share that with another female in country music and see the support we have going on for each other. We’re all wanting each other to do well, because if one of us does well, I think it means all of us do.”

The video, directed by Kristin Barlowe (who directed Kramer's debut music video, "Why You Wanna," as well), was shot in South Nashville, during an historic winter storm -- which made the outdoor scenes a bit of a challenge.

"We knew it was going to be cold, but we didn't know it was going to be that cold," Kramer says. "I had the sniffles for about a week and a half ... but it was so worth it."

Kramer certainly isn't wasting any time pining over lost love. After ending her engagement to singer Brantley Gilbert in 2013, she became engaged to Washington Redskins player Mike Caussin in December. They're planning to get married soon, in Caussin's Virginia hometown.

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