Jana Kramer has finalized her divorce from Mike Caussin, just over three months after she filed for divorce in April. The actor and country singer turned to Instagram on Thursday (July 22) to reveal that the marriage is formally legally over.

"Today has not been easy and I didn't know if I would even say anything. If I'm honest I had no idea how I would feel," Kramer writes. "Relieved? Sad? But I got the 'final' call that I'm officially divorced and the tears came."

Kramer adds that her "first feeling was failure. That I failed my kids. That I was unlovable, not enough. I had moments of anger that I never wanted this for my reality, for my kids."

"Let's just say it was all the feels but here's what I know … I didn't fail my kids," the "I Got the Boy" singer states. "I'm showing them a strong momma and I'll continue to do that and walk away knowing I did everything I could. This isn't the end … it's just the beginning of my story and I'm excited, hopeful, and ready to continue the healing so I can be stronger, and love deeper. Okay back to work. Love you all! We got this!"

Kramer married Caussin — who is a former NFL player — on May 22, 2015, in Charlottesville, Va. They welcomed their first child, daughter Jolie Rae, in January of 2016, and separated shortly afterward, after Caussin was reportedly unfaithful to his new wife with multiple women. He sought treatment for sex addiction, and the couple later reconciled and welcomed a son, Jace Joseph, in November of 2018.

The couple shared their struggles openly via their Whine Down podcast, as well as in a relationship book they wrote together. Kramer revealed that she was filing for divorce on April 21, and she accused Caussin of adultery in her legal filing.

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