It's good to know that if this whole music thing doesn't work out (and we're pretty sure it will) that Jake Owen could have a very prosperous career as a professional wingman. The 'Alone With You' singer showed off his skills on Twitter last night (March 13), helping one lucky guy secure a date to prom.

"Hey, @Larissa_Lewisss. My name is Jake. We've never met, but I have a question for you. Hope to hear from you, -J," the Florida native tweeted around 9:30 PM.

Not 10 minutes later, the mysterious Larissa responded with, "@JakeOwen hey, Jake! What's the question?" The singer didn't wait long to answer, writing, "@TylerMiles14 wants you to go to prom w/ him. I said I'd ask u if he treated you nice."

And in less than a half hour, Tyler was indebted to Jake, as his high school crush tweeted, "'Yes, of course!!!! You can tell Tyler he has a date! :)))"

"Tyler, you owe me. You're welcome bro," was the last post from the 30-year-old singer.

"Wanna give a big thanks to my dude @JakeOwen," Tyler wrote after receiving Larissa's answer. "He's a class act. Ladies this is why country music is so great. Won't forget this one J!"

Miss Larissa also showed her appreciation, tweeting, "@JakeOwen thank you!!! Seriously made my night, you're the best! :)"

As for Jake (who has a serious girlfriend, sorry ladies!), he's currently on the road with a stop tonight in Austin, Texas. Get a full list of his concert dates here.

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