Jake Owen has scored some of the most coveted opening slots on tour, hitting the road with Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson and Keith Urban, before opening for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw on their 2012 Brothers of the Sun tour. While he's been happy to share the spotlight with some of his own musical heroes, he's ready to see his own name on the marquee.

"We're looking forward to hopefully going out and headlining in 2014," Jake reveals to The Boot. "This year is a good stepping stone, and then next year we'll go out and try to do it on our own."

The Florida native, who is currently on the road with Jason Aldean and his Night Train tour, says spending time with Kenny and Tim over the summer was life-changing, both personally and professionally.

"It's hard work. Those guys put a lot of time in," he notes. "They're very diligent to their craft. There's a lot that goes into being Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney. They have great songs, their show is great, they're very fit. When you look at somebody who takes care of themselves, takes care of their business, that's what every CEO would do. You have to really take charge of running that company, and they do very well at that. The people around them reflect the kind of people they are, and I think that's very important. That's what I took from it all -- learning how to be a better CEO ... of my own business."

The Night Train tour will head to Wisconsin Thursday night (March 21) followed by stops in Minnesota, North Dakota and Alabama. See a list of Jake's upcoming shows here.

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