Jake Owen has faith his dad, Steve, will beat cancer. Last month, the "Anywhere With You" singer revealed that his pop was in Minnesota having "cancer surgery" on his neck at the Mayo Clinic. While Steve is now undergoing radiation treatments five days a week for six-and-a-half weeks, the 31-year-old is staying positive.

"I talk to him every day," Jake tells The Country Vibe. "I think he gets annoyed with it because he thinks that I'm over-analyzing the situation. But I'm not. I'm just careful and my main goal is to keep his spirits high. What he's going through in his mind isn't a big deal, because my dad is good at everything he's ever done and he works hard, so he can beat it. But I remind him sometimes, whether he wants to hear it or not, 'Dad, what you're going through is not easy. But I'm here for you, mom's there for you.'"

And they're not the only ones, Jake admits that he talked his father into getting a small dog to serve as his companion during the treatments. In addition, the Florida native assures the only adverse effects Jake expects his father to experience are the loss of his taste buds for at least a year, and a "horrible" sore throat, both as a result of the radiation.

Get well soon, Steve!

Watch Jake Talk About Becoming a Father

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