Jake Owen made his debut appearance on E!'s 'Chelsea Lately' last night (March 1), defending his home state and explaining how he assists with his twin-brother Jarrod's love life. Host Chelsea Handler began the interview with talk of Florida -- a state she consistently pokes fun of for its various bizarre news stories. The 'Alone With You' singer was asked to "explain that state." Watch his answer in the video below, but please note it contains adult language.

"Ever since 2000 [when] they couldn't count during the election ... we got a lot of s--- for that," Jake admitted. "But other than that, I'm born and raised there, so I'm actually a true Floridian."

"That's not something to brag about," was Chelsea's retort, causing Jake to point out she's from New Jersey. After admitting that she's not proud of that either, the comedienne recognized that, "Florida and New Jersey are the two most embarrassing places to be from."

However, Jake recalled some positives of living in his hometown of Vero Beach, which Chelsea joked was actually 'Zero Beach.' "Three months out of the year, there are chicks who come into town with their families and then they leave ... which is awesome!" he said with a laugh.

That led Chelsea to point out the 30-year-old's upcoming tour with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, and how that will effect his dating life.

"I have a super hot girlfriend," he pointed out, adding that, "she might [come on the road] from time to time."

"This is the first year that I've gotten my own bus," Jake explained. "For seven years, I've ridden on one bus with 11 other dudes, which is kind of like a submarine on the road. Now that I have my own, whether it's my family -- I have a twin brother, too -- so whether he wants to come out and hang or [my girlfriend] Lacey wants to come out and hang, or my mom and dad want to come out and hang."

This, of course, led to banter about how the tour will help his brother, Jarrod, when it comes to his love life. Jake reveals he gets lots of 4:00 AM phone calls that sound like this: "'Dude, dude, dude, just say, 'Hey,' to this chick real quick.' And the girl will be like, 'I don't even give a s--- who you are, but your brother says that you're his brother or what not.' That's how I help Jarrod, I hook him up with some ladies."

Jake hits the road with Kenny and Tim on the Brothers of the Sun tour June 2. Get a full list of dates here.

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