Jake Owen's sexy single, "Alone With You," sits at No. 1 on the Billboard country songs chart for a second week in a row, and this week also makes it to the top of the Country Aircheck chart. This is the second No. 1 song of the Florida native's illustrious career, following the title track to his latest album, "Barefoot Blue Jean Night."

"'Alone With You' is a song I instantly gravitated toward just because I've been there," Jake tells The Boot. "It's a song about being in an odd relationship with someone where it's not even really a relationship, you really don't even have that much in common with that person except for sexually. You use each other for convenience. I've been there. A lot of people have been there -- it's called a 'booty call'! [laughs] I think saying, 'don't leave me here like this, don't tease me and my emotions and then leave,' is something that would come from a girl, but coming from a guy's perspective it's pretty vulnerable. I think guys still feel the same way. There's going to be some times where the guy doesn't want her to go, he's more into it than she is or vice versa."

In the wake of his latest stint in the chart's penthouse, Jake is announcing the third single from "Barefoot Blue Jean Night," which will be a song he penned with Dallas Davidson and Jim Ritchey called "The One That Got Away."

"This song is a true story," says Jake. "I'm from Vero Beach, Fla., and every summer, girls would come to town with their families. One summer, this girl and I were totally inseparable and after she left, I never saw her again. That's where the idea for this song came from. The first few lines are: 'She rolled in / My little sandy town / She spent the summer there / A couple houses down / Well it was magic in the air / When she caught my eye / We shared three short months / And one long goodbye.'"

The singer heads back to his hometown of Vero Beach this weekend to hold his annual benefit concert, Mardy's Tennis and Jake's Music Fest, an event he co-hosts each year with tennis pro Mardy Fish. Love and Theft will open Saturday's show, which will be held at Vero Beach High School.

Watch Jake Perform 'Alone With You' in Our Studio