Hillary Scott, one-third of the hit trio Lady Antebellum, surprised fans when she announced the release of "Thy Will," the first single from her and her family's faith-based album, Love Remains, in April of 2016. The song, Scott later revealed, was written with Emily Wiseband and Bernie Herms following her own personal tragedy, when a much-wanted pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Below, Scott recalls the emotional day on which the trio of tunesmiths penned "Thy Will."

When we were on tour [in the summer of 2015], my husband Chris [Tyrrell] and I just decided we wanted to expand our family. We got pregnant in July and then miscarried in September. And so, "Thy Will" is about me talking to God and asking Him why -- like, "Okay, I thought this was a go. We prayed about it. We were going to bring Eisele a sibling," and for all of it to just kind of not happen.

It was my honest conversation with God about, why do bad things happen? But, ultimately, I trust Your will for my life and that it’s all going to be okay. So being able to write that song was such a part of the healing process for me in the beginning. And now even more so, with it being out and having people’s feedback in their own lives and the stories that they are sharing with me and how this song is touching them.

It’s different. I think that sums up exactly why I was so nervous about writing faith-based music, because I just wanted to make sure that every word counts. Every word counted, every note counted; the heart, the intention, was 100-percent pure, because that’s just wanting it to glorify Him, wanting it to glorify God. I was nervous about that; I take it very seriously.

But I have to say, my co-writers really helped. They helped take a really broken, raw Hillary, and with Bernie on piano and Emily with her beautiful melodies, it was all just a collaborative effort. Yes, it was my story, but without the two of them there, there’s no way it would be what it is. They helped direct all of my emotions that were just all over the place, and so, it was a really special day ...

Looking back, it is truly by the grace of God that I even got to that writing appointment that day, because, not to go into specifics, but you’re in bed for a while, and you’re really tired, and it’s painful. It was a good day, so I could go. I really just laid my heart out to my co-writers, and I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad that I felt safe there with them to share what was going on. Truly, I believe, it became a pass-through for a message that was a lot bigger than just my own specific thing that I was going through. The response that it’s gotten, and the people that have reached out and shared and expressed what it means to them ... It was more than just about my story.

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