During an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America on Monday (June 20) to announce the release details for her family's upcoming album, Love RemainsHillary Scott opened up about the tremendous grief and loss that inspired both the project's first single and the record as a whole.

When Scott's grandfather passed away in 2011, her family -- mother Linda Davis, father Lang Scott and younger sister Rylee -- used faith and music to help them through the tough time. To thank the many friends and loved ones who supported them, they decided to record demos of family-favorite hymns as a thank you -- but the idea turned into something bigger: a 13-track collection of hymns, newly written originals songs and tunes made popular by other artists.

"We didn’t want to make a sad record," notes Lang Scott. "You’re always sad when you lose a loved one, but if you have that faith, it gives you hope. It gives you the courage to press on.”

"Thy Will," the Scott Family's first single from Love Remains, came from a different, but equally devastating place: In the fall of 2015, Hillary Scott suffered a miscarriage. The singer explains that, following the tragic event, she felt "pressure that you're just supposed to be able to snap your fingers and continue to walk through life like it never happened." The singer, who has a two-year-old daughter, Eisele Kaye, with husband Chris Tyrell, wrote "Thy Will" while "experiencing everything that comes with a miscarriage."

"So it was my most raw place that I could've ever been when this song truly poured out of me," Scott reflects.

After her miscarriage, Scott admits that she now approaches motherhood a bit differently -- but for the better.

"I'm a different mom to [Eisele] now ...," Scott says. "I hug her a lot tighter."

When the Scott Family released "Thy Will" at the end of April, Hillary Scott alluded to the pain and grief that inspired the song: “I think there’s times in our life when we ask, ‘Why is this happening? Why did that have to happen to someone else?’" she said at the time. "For me, because I grew up with faith being such a huge part of my life, I’ve always known and prayed and trusted that, no matter what, I know that there’s someone looking out for me, who can save me, who hears me, in the darkest and brightest moments in life.”

The artist chose to not reveal the news of her miscarriage right away to allow fans "to have a chance to hear ["Thy Will"], and not hear it through my story."

Love Remains is due out on July 29; a complete track listing for the album, which was produced by Ricky Skaggs, is below.

"The process of making this album has been not only creatively inspiring, but I’ve also really been able to grow as a person," says Scott in a press release. "We’ve had this intense, concentrated amount of time as a family together, which has been so special. With all that we’ve gone through together, the highs, the lows -- to be able to process all of that together, to heal together, to grieve together, to laugh, to cry, all of those things ... it’s just been such a continuation of solidifying the strong foundation that we have in our family."

Scott is currently on a summer tour with Lady Antebellum, after an extended break.

Hillary Scott & the Scott Family, Love Remains Track Listing:

1. "Beautiful Messes”
2. “Still”
3. "Sheltered in the Arms of God”
4. "Safe Haven”
5. "Faithful Love”
6. "The River”
7. "Thy Will”
8. "Come to Jesus”
9. "Love Remains”
10. "We March On”
11. “Your Unfailing Love”
12. "Come Thou Fount”
13. "Ain't No Grave”

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