Gwen Sebastian, who recently had an impressive stint on "The Voice," has released her first single since the show, titled, "Met Him in a Motel Room." The redemptive tune, which is available for purchase on iTunes, tells the tale of a woman who has reached rock bottom. (Watch Gwen perform the song below.)

The ballad is centered with a hard hitting chorus that goes, "Some people meet Him in a church at service on Sunday / As the preacher says the perfect words they bow their heads to pray / and the choir sings a sweet forgiveness tune / She met Him in a motel room."

The second verse explains the character's plight and journey to forgiveness: "With a bottle full of sleeping pills and a long, long list of sins / she'd already planned on checking out before she checked in / She was going to leave a goodbye note / just needed paper and a pen / with that vacancy light blinking red / she found that Bible in the drawer beside the bed."

After being eliminated from "The Voice" by a reluctant Blake Shelton earlier this year, the coach invited Gwen out on his Well Lit & Amplified Tour, which has since concluded.

"The first time I ever heard Gwen's voice I knew it was something special," Blake said at the time. "She has the rare ability to combine power with passion in her singing abilities. Although our journey together has ended on 'The Voice,' it's just beginning in real life. I'm so proud every night to share the stage with her out here on the Well Lit & Amplified Tour! She is a star! We love our Gwen."

Gwen is currently on the road. Her next stop is May 18 in Rochester, N.Y. Get a full list of appearances here.

See Gwen Perform "Met Him in a Motel Room"

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