Gwen Sebastian has released a music video for her new song "That Could Be Us."

Though Sebastian says that "That Could Be Us" won't be released as her next single -- "that's coming very soon, so I'm excited about that too," she adds -- she wanted to release the song and video to her fans to thank them for their support.

The clip contains a familial quality similar to that found in Sebastian's last video, for "Small Town Soul," but instead of using old home movies, this new video features snapshots from family scrapbooks. Sebastian put it together with the song's writer, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and another friend, Jenee Fleenor.

"The song says, ‘I could see you and me carved out in a tree / 100 years later, grandkids flipping through / The scrapbook pages ...’ And all of the pictures that you see in the video are from our own scrapbooks, so I hope everybody likes it," Sebastian explains. "In fact, sometimes I get a little teary-eyed because I see all my family in there."

Last year, the former The Voice contestant teamed up with Blake Shelton, her coach on the show, for the sultry duet "My Eyes," off of his album Based on a True Story ... Sebastian has also been performing with Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert recently, singing backup for the superstar at her 2015 Grammy Awards performance and on her Certified Platinum Tour.

"That Could Be Us" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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