Singer-songwriter Melanie Meriney went somewhere for her Guest Room Sessions performance that no other artist has yet for the series. Readers can press play above to watch her rooftop performance of her song "Sober U."

That's the rooftop of Meriney's friend, special guest and "Sober U" co-writer, AJ Kross, from which she's performing. "Casual locations like this are the places where Nashville magic happens," Meriney tells The Boot.

"Even AJ’s cat, Grey, wandering in and out of the shot emphasizes the idea that even though something isn’t 'perfect,' it’s the imperfections that make it something really cool," she adds. "This was so much fun to record!"

Meriney and Kross are joined in this Guest Room Sessions video by their other "Sober U" co-writer, Krista Angelucci. The song is a recent one; Meriney says it "just fell together easily."

"I think it captures the emotions that go along with unrequited love and being the kind of person who still wants to be there for that individual," she explains, "even if they aren’t getting anything in return."

Having grown up on a steady diet of country radio and rock classics, Meriney is ready to make her own mark on the music world. Since moving to Nashville in 2009, she's signed a publishing deal and performed alongside acts such as Litlte Big Town and Journey. In 2017, Meriney released her sophomore EP, Up in Lights, and currently has some mysterious "big things in the works" for fans in the coming months; readers can keep up with her at

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