Clare Cunningham's song "Chances" discusses making the leap of moving to Nashville and pursuing a career in music, so it's fitting that the Irish-born singer-songwriter used her brand-new Music City living room -- dubbed the "Elvis room," thanks to its retro decor -- as the setting for her Guest Room Sessions video. Readers can press play above to watch her performance.

For the Guest Room Sessions, Cunningham performed "Chances" with her one of her co-writers, Tim Thurman. Cunningham met the Nashville songwriter on her first night in Music City; she only arrived in the city earlier this year.

"Tim and [my other "Chances" co-writer] Drew Taylor handed me their card and texted me later that night to go and hang. So I did. We instantly all hit it off, and, five days later, we met in my AirBnB and sat down and wrote "Chances,"" Cunningham tells The Boot. "It was a Sunday night. The opening lyric in the second verse reads: 'Bluebird on a Monday night / Grabbed my guitar and took that flight' ... and the very next Monday, I lived out a lifelong dream of performing at the Bluebird [Cafe], and we did "Chances" ... What are the chances?!"

A native of Collon, Ireland's smallest village, Cunningham began her career in music by studying classical piano at the age of six; she then picked up a guitar at the age of 16. She's since earned a degree in music performance and performed alongside the all-female Swedish rock band Thundermother. In 2016, Cunningham released her debut EP. Fans can visit to learn more about her.

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