Grace & Tony have announced the release of their second full-length album, Phantasmagoric.

The project is set for release on Sept. 25. The husband-and-wife duo titled the new album after one of Edgar Allan Poe's favorite words, which means "out of this world" -- fitting for a disc that features songs that touch on the cinematically dark subject matters of mass suicide, Frankenstein, serial killers and the plague. The Southern gothic-esque tracks were inspired by Poe and other authors, including H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King.

“I think a lot of that comes from Grace being such a fan of English murder mysteries and getting in that mindset, that regal sound,” Tony White says in a press release. “When you’re writing a dark story, pairing it with something classical and proper makes it even darker."

The pair recorded the album at Jimmy Nutt's Nutthouse in Muscle Shoals, Ala., with Nutt serving as co-producer alongside Tony White. While much of the album has a dark tone, the couple also included a track that tells their love story, "072713," which is named for the date of their wedding.

“We wanted to make something that was truly different,” Tony White says. “Something memorable. We really wanted to blaze trails — and make music that we would enjoy, with lots of layers, that would be as pleasing to the mind as it is to the ear.”

Adds Grace White, "Phantasmagoric is full of songs intended to make listeners question everything they’ve ever known and to remind them to think, smile, laugh and even cry."

The duo is also planning to release a book, Grace & Tony's Phantasmagoric Stories, illustrated by tattoo artist Nick Devine and featuring stories inspired by each song off the album.

Phantasmagoric is available for pre-order at The pair used PledgeMusic to help raise money for the new album.

Grace & Tony, Phantasmagoric Track Listing:

1. "Adam of Labour"
2. "Invitation to an Autopsy"
3. "The 1"
4. "The Marsten Prologue"
5. "A Lot Dies Today"
6. "072713"
7. "The 2"
8. "Lullaby of the Red Death"
9. "A Fever on the Cthulu Queen"
10. "This Is It ..."

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