Special guests Daniel Elias and Exotic Dangers join Grace & Tony in today's Greenroom Session to perform the band's original song, 'The Mirrorball.'

The tune has a bit of a '60s doo-wop vibe, which fits the location of this Greenroom Session well: Greasy Hands, a new barbershop with an old-school vibe in Florence, Ala.

"We feel that this [song] is a unique and timeless piece of art," Tony says.

The husband-and-wife duo were "so excited" for this session. Tony says Daniel Elias and Exotic Dangers are their "favorite new band from the 'New Muscle Shoals' scene."

"We just fell in love with their sound, and they are truly incredible and humble individuals," he adds.

Apparently they're pretty sharp dressers too.

"I should have known better than to dress for comfort on this muggy summer day, because of course Daniel and the Dangers came dressed like a million dollars," Tony says. "Lesson learned."

The Boot will feature another Greenroom Sessions video on September 15, so be sure to check back then!