Grace & Tony are hard at work on a new album, 'Phantasmagoric,' and in February's Greenroom Sessions video, they're giving The Boot's readers a sneak peek at some of the record's material.

"'The Marsten Prologue / A Lot Dies Today' is actually two songs in one," Tony explains. "We thought it would be cool to re-tell Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot,' and to do so like a lot of our favorite books are written, with a prologue and a story."

The duo says 'Phantasmagoric' will contain "lots of epic storytelling" and that "countless hours were spent researching some of the most bizarre and controversial stories we could find, whether it be in a history book or simply within ourselves," and King's 1975 horror fiction novel certainly fits that bill.

Unlike past Greenroom Sessions, this clip was actually filmed at one of Grace & Tony's house concerts, which are exactly what they sound like: The husband and wife set up in a fan's house and play for family and friends. This particular show took place in Kenton, Del.

"[We] wanted people to get a taste of how intimate these performances really are," Tony says.

Grace & Tony are using a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund 'Phantasmagoric,' and a house concert is one of the incentives they're offering to contributors.

The PledgeMusic campaign closes on Feb. 18. A release date for 'Phantasmagoric' has not yet been set.