Grace & Tony's second full-length album, Phantasmagoric, is due out on Friday (Sept. 25), and the duo is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to one of its tracks, "072713."

The song, written by the self-described "Southern gothic" husband-and-wife team, is intrinsically personal, but its subject matter can be applied to any couple in love.

"This song was inspired by the fact that, when Grace was in nursing school, we had decided to wait until she graduated to get married, because with her being a full-time student and me working a very average job at the time, we could not afford to raise my two kids," Tony White tells The Boot. "We did wait for a while and just got tired of it. We said, 'Let's just dive in, and we'll figure out the rest later.'

"All we wanted was for the four of us to be together," White adds. "So, that's what we did."

The couple got married on July 27, 2013; the song's title is an homage to their wedding date.

"072713," an organic swell of hope and unbound love, is unique thanks in part to the addition of timpani to the chorus.

"We took on the water / Knowing well that we might sink and drown from it / But we did it anyway," they sing. "We rode the momentum / Unified and finding solace in every unspoken word / We took the chance and made these pieces fit / We dove right in, worked out the details later / We brought four together."

Continues White, "We get a lot of smiles/tears when we play this live. We've realized that this isn't just our story; it's so many people's story. So many couples dive in with no clue how they are gonna make it; they just know they are in love and want to be together. It's always a special moment to share this song with an audience."

"072713" is one of Phantasmagoric's more lighthearted tunes. The album's name is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s favorite words, meaning “out of this world," and the record embraces literary influences from Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and more. Its songs weave history and fiction into tales of mass suicide, Frankenstein, serial killers and the plague.

Phantamagoric was funded with help of a PledgeMusic campaign.

Listen to Grace & Tony, "072713":

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