The Oscar-nominated documentary Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me, which documents Glen Campbell's farewell tour as he struggled with Alzheimer's disease, will be released on DVD and video on demand (VOD) on Sept. 1.

"The making of this film has been an exhilarating, joyous and inspiring ride," producer Trevor Albert says. "I attribute that entirely to the heroic spirit of Glen Campbell and his extraordinary family."

The documentary includes appearances by Bruce Springsteen, the Edge from U2, Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Steve Martin, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith and former president Bill Clinton, among others, who share what Campbell means to them and how they were influenced by his music. In addition, several of Campbell's own family members, including his wife Kim and daughter Ashley, reveal the joys and sorrows of watching Campbell perform his final shows.

"We are honored to bring this portrait of Glen Campbell to American audiences," says Joe Amodei of Virgil Films. "This great entertainer and his indelible music have been a part of so many lives for decades, [and] we look forward to reminding everyone of what's so special about him.

"The legacy Glen Campbell and his incredibly courageous family share in this film is one of the most important movies I have been blessed to have worked on," he continues. "Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me will forever inspire me as a filmmaker and a man. Glen is a real-life hero on and off the stage."

The 79-year-old musical legend was moved to a residential care facility in 2014, when his ongoing dementia made it impossible to care for him at home. But according to his wife, although the disease has robbed Campbell of almost all of his memory, he remains positive and upbeat.

“He’s happy and content and smiles most of the time. He still makes jokes and likes to play around, even though the jokes don’t make any sense and it’s gibberish; he still goes through the motions and it’s still him,” she says. “Like, he’ll take a French fry and start smoking it like a cigar and give us all that ‘joke’ face. He likes to fake you out like he’s handing you something, [and] when you reach out for it, he pulls it back and just laughs. He still likes to make people laugh."

Ashley Campbell recently released her debut single, “Remembering,” in honor of her father. She is currently in the studio with Julian Raymond, who co-wrote her father’s final song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” working on her own album.

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