After spending a few months at home, Glen Campbell has moved back into a memory care facility.

In September, Campbell's wife Kim revealed that her husband had come to live with her at home, after living in a facility since the spring of 2014. According to People, the country icon spent seven weeks at home, being cared for by his wife, with help from the couple's kids, a nephew and a family friend, but the family decided that moving him into a new facility would be in both his and their best interests.

"I always wanted to bring him home and give it another try because I miss him so terribly," Kim Campbell explains, but "it was just more than I could handle. He's the sweetest person in the world, but he becomes combative when you try to change his clothes or bathe him. It really wasn't the best situation."

Glen Campbell's nephew and family friend have full-time jobs at his new care facility, and Kim Campbell says that she is there every day.

"It's a really beautiful place," she notes. "It's the best we could hope for."

Glen Campbell's Alzheimer's disease, which he revealed in 2011, has progressed to late Stage 6, out of seven stages, but "physically, he's very strong and healthy. He's content and cheerful," his wife reveals.

"It’s a very slow goodbye. And what kills me is knowing what’s coming and also knowing that, when I do have to say goodbye, that it’s going to hit me just as hard as if I had to say goodbye suddenly — maybe even worse, I don’t know," daughter Ashley Campbell tells The Boot. "... He sings to himself a lot, and smiles, and gives hugs and kisses. It’s his soul that’s just sitting there, and it’s a darn good one."

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