Singer-songwriter George Ducas has made a return to country radio with his current single, 'Never Goes Away,' from his new EP, 'Volume Up, Windows Down.' George went into the studio earlier this year to record six new songs which he had penned in recent years.

"I had all these songs sitting around, and I went and made a record out of them," George tells The Boot. "I've done the major-label thing, and now I'm doing my thing. It feels great."

The Texas native, who had a Top 10 hit on Capitol Records, 'Lipstick Promises,' in 1995, has stayed focus on songwriting the past several years, garnering cuts by Sara Evans ('Real Fine Place to Start'), Eli Young Band ('Always the Love Songs') and Garth Brooks ('Beer Run').

"My songwriting life is the same as it's always been -- ongoing -- but I'm not through with singing, either," George says. "I just tracked four more songs for another EP that I'll put out next year."

As he heads back into the studio for more of his own music, George has shifted his focus to writing songs tailored to himself as an artist. "One of the new songs I wrote in Houston on a day off by myself -- that never happens. Generally speaking, everything in Nashville is co-written. I wrote it by myself, which maybe happens once a year or once every two years. I love it, and I'm really pleased with it."

When he's not songwriting, George is in Texas playing the clubs where he has built up a strong following. "My general schedule is Monday through Thursday I'll write songs, then somewhere in that Wednesday or Thursday window, I'll start packing. Then I'll fly down to Texas, and I'll have shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I come back on Sunday and do it all over again. I'm kind of living in two worlds right now -- the Nashville songwriting community and a touring artist in Texas. It's been a grind at times, but for the most part it's been completely energizing. It's been awesome to get out and play again on a regular basis."

Besides having his own song on the chart, George is also enjoying the success of Josh Thompson's latest single, 'Won't Be Lonely Long,' which he co-wrote. George anticipates releasing a new single from 'Volume Up, Windows Down' in the early part of 2011.