Josh Thompson Signs New Label Deal
Getty Images Josh Thompson has a new record deal! The singer-songwriter, who left RCA Records in July, has signed with Show Dog-Universal, which is co-owned by country giant Toby Keith. Josh hopes the change will result in somewhat of a career leapfrog.
Josh Thompson, ‘Change': New Album Reflects Old Lessons
Sony Music Nashville If you've heard 'Comin' Around,' the first track off Josh Thompson's upcoming sophomore album, then you're probably chomping at the bit like the rest of us to hear what else the singer-songwriter has in store. His new album, 'Change,' is slated to be released later this year, and the road warrior says that the first single is a great barometer for the rest of the CD.
Josh Thompson to Be as Hot as His Friends?
Ethan Miller, Getty Images In the past year, four of our favorite country men have experienced the heartache and worry of bus fires. Josh Thompson has witnessed the tragedy that has fallen on his friends and worries that his fate will be similar.
Country Stars Spend Valentine’s Day Reflecting on Romance
For a celebration that is so much about love, the origin of Valentine's Day is shrouded in mystery. No one really knows for sure who St. Valentine was or what he did to earn the day being named after him. But that doesn't keep us from celebrating the day with loved ones, sending Valentine's greetings of chocolate, flowers and even diamonds...
Josh Thompson Promises ‘Change’ on Tour
Josh Thompson is hitting the road on his Change Is Comin' Tour Feb. 3. The trek consists of club dates, where he'll preview new music from his upcoming album, 'Change.' "The road definitely feels like home to me," the Wisconsin native says...

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