Could Garth Brooks finally be gassing up the tour bus? It's been 12 years since the country icon officially announced his retirement, giving up his life on the road for one at home with his three daughters. Over the past decade, and following the announcement of his five-year Las Vegas run at the Wynn hotel and casino, Garth has assured fans of his hope to return to touring once his youngest daughter graduates from high school. That means, those who never had the opportunity to see the showman, or would like to again, only have two more years to wait.

"It's always been about the babies," the superstar told reporters prior to his performance at the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede (quote via the Vancouver Sun newspaper). "Our youngest is a junior in high school now. Our oldest, we just celebrated her 20th. If God lets us do it and everything goes well, I would love to tour again."

Not only is there hope to see Garth in a city near you, but there's a possibility he'd bring his wife, Trisha Yearwood, along for the ride as well. "I'd love to tour again with Miss Yearwood and have no guilt," he admitted. "But I'm still two years away."

While the itch for the spotlight missed his eldest girls, Taylor and August, apparently it's hit Allie. "My youngest has got it," Garth reveals. "She's got the bug but she's got the goods, too. She starts playing and singing, I have to get up and leave because I spent my whole life crying. It seems the older I get, I cry at commercials."

Garth may have chosen his family over his career, but that doesn't mean he'll dissuade his child from pursuing her dreams. "My Dad told me to get a real job and now when you see that it is actually paying the bills and paying for college, you can't tell your kids you can't make a living at it if they try hard enough," he notes.

For now, though, fans can catch Garth when he makes special appearances -- like to celebrate the longevity of one of Canada's most-prominent music festivals -- or in Las Vegas. His next show dates at the Wynn are July 20 and 21. Get more information here.