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Radney Foster's latest album is titled 'Revival' and the singer-songwriter is also planning to take part in a revival of another kind. Radney reveals that he and former duo partner Bill Lloyd have been working on new Foster & Lloyd songs together.

"We've cut six songs," Radney tells the 9513. "They've gone really well. I like everything we've cut so far. We got the first one back mixed this past week. I think we'll be done with these six later this month."

Foster & Lloyd recorded three albums together and scored four Top 10 singles, including their 1986 debut hit, 'Crazy over You.' Radney and Bill last shared the concert stage a year ago to celebrate Radney's 50th birthday. The Texas native says fans can expect the new music to be "a little more mature with our lyrics as writing is concerned," adding, "we're still bringing some fun in our mixing and in mixing genres as much as possible in the melodic sense of what we're doing. It still sounds to me similar to what we were doing live 25 years ago. It's a lot of fun.

Radney adds that while he continues to tour, Bill Lloyd is playing with Cheap Trick in Las Vegas, while the classic rockers work on a Beatles/'Sgt. Pepper'-related project with an orchestra.

Radney's current single, 'Angel Flight,' written by Radney with Darden Smith, benefits the Texas Air National Guard, to help support civilian families in crisis. Well, each state has its own Guard. And each state has its own civilian support groups that help families in crisis.

"We met several guys within the Guard," says Radney. "We met with the guys that are with the family support division. When mom and/or dad are deployed overseas, that puts an awful amount of stress on the families. A lot of Guard guys have a good job and after they deploy, they often take a hit in pay in order to go overseas. There's lots of needs that go along with that. After meeting with those guys, it seemed like a natural way to help."

Radney explains that the song was inspired by Angel Flights to brought home a group of military men known as the Red River Four. "They were all known well within their unit. It's pretty organic. It really came about naturally. I can't speak highly enough of these folks."

Radney is headed to Craponne Sur-Arzon, France, to play the Country Rendezvous Festival on July 23.