Talk about fan interaction! The Valory Music Co. is giving you the opportunity to select the songs and artwork for Justin Moore's debut album. The promotion, called 'So You Want to Be a Record Label Executive,' will allow fans to listen to Moore's music via a widget placed on his social networking sites, including MySpace, iLike, Facebook and Digital Rodeo. Two new songs will be placed on the widget each week for fans to hear and vote on.

Over the course of 10 weeks, the 10 songs with the most votes will comprise Moore's album. Additionally, fans will be able to create personalized 10-song playlists and enter those playlists in a contest to win a trip to Moore's album premiere listening party, scheduled for early 2009 in Nashville.

As part of the promotion, fans can also participate in live chats with Moore and vote on promotional photos that they feel should be used for the album cover and inside packaging. To access the promotion, visit