While Gwyneth Paltrow was in Nashville shooting scenes for the new film, 'Country Strong,' she really leaned on co-star Tim McGraw's wife, Faith Hill, for advice about country music and her role as a performer. Over the course of the making of the film, the two lovely ladies became fast friends.

"When I was researching the role, I went back and watched all of [Faith's] DVDs and videos and her performances," the Oscar-winning actress tells The Boot. "Because we have a similar height and a similar [look], so I felt like if you sort of did a hybrid of Faith and Courtney Love, that's kind of like who I am in this movie."

Gwyneth adds that she also spent time asking the superstar a lot of questions."I mean, I really picked her brain a lot, and she was very supportive of me and really, really helpful throughout the process ... just pointing me in the direction of great music and what she did. She was like an encyclopedia for me. It was really great."

She adds, "To me, my character could've been Faith, but took a turn in the wrong direction."

During last week's Nashville premiere for the film, Faith confirmed the budding friendship between the two women. "She's amazing," the singer told The Boot. "I have fallen in love with this person, and she fell in love with Nashville. She taught me things about our city that I didn't know after being here for 20-something years. She found all these obscure places, and she really lived the moment while she was here. She's a great girl. She has so much respect for country music ... she does a great job."

In August, Gwyneth and Faith were photographed leaving a Manhattan eatery, where they conversed over a sushi lunch.

'Country Strong' opens in theaters in Nashville and Los Angeles on December 22, and nationwide on January 7.

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