Faith Hill and Tim McGrawTim McGraw, wife Faith Hill, and daughters Gracie, Maggie and Audrey have finally moved into the home they've been building the past several years in Nashville. While it was supposed to be about a two-year project, the whole thing took closer to four years.

"We're in it now -- we actually moved in about a week ago," Faith excitedly announced on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' "It's the first home we've ever built from the ground up. We've always remodeled and lived in a place we knew we were going to move out of."

Over the years it took Tim and Faith to plan and design their new home, Faith found herself worrying that her decorating tastes might change from year to year.

"I was always pulling out tear sheets every time I'd see something, and I'd rip them out of magazines and put them in my purse. Some things we had already, and some things we collected from our travels around."

As for who had more of a hand in decorating, Faith says they both had a specific role to play.

"Tim's a big picture kind of guy. so he [would say], 'Oh, I've got an idea for this room ...' But he's not that great when it comes to details -- that's kind of left in my department!" she says with a laugh. "I'm pretty good with details."

Woefully, one detail Faith has tried to implement has thus far been a flop: keeping clothes off the floor.

"One thing I did try to do was put the hamper in Tim's closet, a little closer to where he might actually hit it occasionally. But it hasn't worked so far," she says. "But then, we've only been there a week, so I'll give him a little while longer before I have to come up with another solution." Considering her options for a moment, Faith adds brightly, "Maybe I should've done a chute. Maybe it would've been more interesting! Hmmm ... I think I'm gonna have to do that!"

While Faith's coming up with more ideas at home, Tim's keeping busy with the recent release of his long-awaited new album, 'Southern Voice,' and his latest big-screen role in 'The Blind Side.'