Eric Paslay has been busy working on his sophomore album, but he's also been eager to share music with his fans sooner rather than later. That's why he recently released a five-song EP, The Work Tapes, to hold fans over until his next record is ready.

Paslay's The Work Tapes EP, released at the end of July, is named for a songwriter's "work tapes" -- the first recording of a new song. Work tapes aren't polished in any way; they're often acoustic recordings made on the same day a song is written, on a smartphone or other low-tech recording device. Each of the five tracks on Paslay's EP are in their "work tapes" form; he co-wrote all of them.

“While working to finalize my second album, I spent weeks revisiting all the songs I’ve written,” shares Paslay in a press release. “I couldn’t believe how many were left behind never to be heard, but also how refreshing it was to hear them again in their raw, imperfect state just moments after they were written. I hope my fans will enjoy listening to the very beginning of a songs journey with this collection.”

Eric Paslay Talks More About The Work Tapes EP

Paslay's co-writers on the five The Work Tapes EP tracks include Big Kenny, Dean Alexander, Rose Falcon and more. Song titles include "Amarillo Rain," "Back Home to You" and others.

Paslay's The Work Tapes EP is available for purchase now. More information about Paslay can be found on his official website.

Eric Paslay, The Work Tapes EP Track Listing:

1. "Less Than Whole" (Eric Paslay and Big Kenny)
2. "Amarillo Rain" (Eric Paslay and Amy Stroup)
3. "Back Home to You" (Eric Paslay and Carey Ott)
4. "Come Back to This Town" (Eric Paslay and Dean Alexander)
5. "Let Go" (Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman and Rose Falcon)

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