In August of 2016, Eric Church earned his seventh No. 1 song with "Record Year," the second single from his surprise album, Mr. Misunderstood, released in November of 2015. Written by Church and his band member and frequent collaborator Jeff Hyde, the tune is a new take on the oft-told story of heartbreak and lost love. With lines that include "Quarter notes and Hank's half time / Are pounding on this heart of mine / Song to song, I pass my time / With these speakers on 10," the song's clever lyrics earned the two men CMA nominations for Song of the Year and Single of the Year. 

At a party toasting the success of "Record Year," Church and Hyde shared the story behind the hit tune.

Jeff Hyde: I had the idea for this song. I feel like it was a gift from God, because most of the time, the ideas I come up with are not nearly as good as that one was. I sent that to Eric, and he said, "We'll finish it. Save that, and we'll finish it." He took it to another level.

Eric Church: Jeff's selling himself a little short. I've written a lot of songs with a lot of people, and very rarely do you come up against an idea that's unique, that you think there's no way that it is unique. I remember when Jeff had the idea for "Record Year," I thought, "Well, it had to have been done in this way," and was shocked to learn that it hadn't been done.

I always know when I sit down with Jeff that I'm going to get something unique. Sometimes it's bats--t crazy, but that's what makes him good, because he's one of those rare guys in town that, you never know -- he's always on that edge.

I enjoyed [writing this song together], and I'm terrified about our next co-write.

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