Eric Church has words to the wise in his new song, "Never Break Heart."

Penned by Church and Luke Dick, the bluegrass-leaning song (tinged with a twinkling banjo) finds the singer encouraging the listener to walk fearlessly through life with a heart that's open to the elements.

"Don't let fear steal your brave heart / Don't let doubt take your faith heart / It's okay to cry / But don't never break heart," Church advises, echoing the latter two proclamations as the song fades into a peaceful instrumental.

"Never Break Heart" was one of several songs written and recorded during Church's retreat to the mountains in his home state of North Carolina to create his upcoming three-part album, Heart & Soul. The Chief debuted "Never Break Heart" during the April 2020 special ACM Presents: Our Country.

"I have hope and you should have hope, because since the beginning of time, people have gathered … and we will gather again," Church shared alongside that performance. "The important thing to remember is to not fear, to be brave, and to endure. That’s what this song is about."

"Never Break Heart" appears on the first installment, Heart. Collectively, the three projects feature 24 songs including the singles "Stick That in Your Country Song" and "Hell of a View," as well as with the previously released "Through My Ray-Bans," "Heart on Fire" and "Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones." Heart drops on April 16, followed by on April 20 and Soul on April 23.

Church is nominated for three 2021 ACM Awards: the coveted Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and Music Event of the Year, the latter for his chart-topping duet with Luke Combs, "Does to Me."

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