In a new interview, Eric Church revealed more details about his upcoming Holidin' My Own Tour -- and they're sure to get fans excited.

On Aug. 9, right before beginning his first of two acoustic shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Church announced his 2017 trek. With over 50 dates currently scheduled, no opening acts on the bill and a three-hour show planned, the tour will be the first of its kind for Church, and unique among country tours in general.

"I wanted the freedom to play whatever show I wanted to play," Church tells Rolling Stone. "And for the fans, who've been with us a long time, it'll be a pretty great night when we come to town and they know they're going to get a night full of us. We're going to work our a-- off."

"A night full of us" means that Church and his crew will be performing three-hour shows every night. They will play one set, take a break and then hit the stage for a full second act.

"I've been to shows when they've had intermissions, where you can go get beer, and you have your 20 minutes before the band comes back. What I loved about it is you can talk about the show with other fans ... you're communing," the artist says. "It was a unique thing that I don't think is normally in country."

Knowing that he wanted to play a three-hour show, not bringing an opening act out on the road made sense to Church from both a logistical standpoint and a thematic one.

"It's going to be a three-hour show. And the only way to do that was to go by ourselves. Otherwise, it just doesn't work time-wise. It doesn’t work with the load-in, the load-out," Church explains, adding that a longer set time will give him more opportunities to wow the crowd. "It gives us two chances as an opener, two chances at closing the show. And it gives us a wide chance to do things, like possibly keep it thematic, where the first set is [songs from] Sinners Like Me through Carolina, and then we come out and run Chief through Mr. Misunderstood. Stuff like that."

Ultimately, the country star says that his priority is to play the show that he wants to play and please fans in the process. While he'll have a basic setlist for each show, he'll be leaving room for improvisation, keeping fans guessing as to what he'll play each night.

"I have pillars, so I know where we're starting and what's second, but I know that every night I can come in and have my spots that I can change," Church says, noting that he's excited to do a mix of planned and unplanned songs. "We'll leave room for it. We'll know that it's five or six songs and these five or six will be different. The pillars will stay there to give us a road map."

The Holdin' My Own Tour is scheduled to kick off on Jan. 13 in Lincoln, Neb. Fans have until Aug. 23 to sign up to get access to pre-sale tickets, which go on sale on Sept. 9. For more info, check out Church's official website.

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